Long Absence, Apologies.

No, I hadn't decided to end it all, after my last little contretemps with my publisher. I soldier on to write another day. We have been renovating our kitchen - a hideous job, but the last big task in our year long attempt to improve our old cottage. You can read about it elsewhere, on my Scottish Home blog if you like. We thought we had almost finished, but today we had a flood. The plumbers seem to have managed to allow the rinsing water from the washing machine to overflow into the dishwasher. There is only so much space in a dishwasher so you can imagine the results. But of course this is meant to be a blog about writing. And oddly enough, I have managed to do some writing, while all this has been going on!
I'm researching a new play, called The Physic Garden, of which more, much more, in due course. I've spent a few interesting weeks revising a novel set in Poland, called The Sorrel Mare, also of which more in due course. I've been diligently working away at what is meant to be my 'work in progress' - a new novel, called The Fifth Mary. And I have been putting together a proposal for a non fiction book, called Needle and Loom. I don't think it's uncommon for writers to have many different projects on the go - that way when one isn't going well, you can take refuge with another. But for the moment, I have decided to shelve the Corncrake. So if you read the two chapters on here, I'm afraid you'll just have to wait until somebody out there decides that I am a good commercial proposition. Then, suddenly, everything will be available. Here's hoping.
All of which probably helps to explain why I haven't been blogging. But I'll be keeping a kind of a diary on all the above projects, and what happens to them over the next few months. Keep reading.