I live with my woodcarver/artist husband, Alan Lees, in a 200 year old country cottage, in the beautiful Scottish lowlands. I used to call myself a playwright, and some of my plays are still in print, but now I write historical and contemporary fiction and non fiction. 

I'm a keen but chaotic gardener and I love my work, my house, and my village.  

I'm about embark on a significant change to the way I publish my work - having had reversions of most of my books from my previous publisher, Saraband. I'm currently having these books formatted with beautiful new covers, so watch this space for more news of them - and for news about the publication of a collection of my poetry - half a lifetime of work. 

My most recent books were non-fiction. The first was an account of a murder in my Leeds Irish family and its aftermath, A Proper Person to be Detained, published by Contraband in July 2019.  The Last Lancer, about the Polish side of my family, researched with some difficulty over many years and written throughout Covid was published by Saraband in February 2023.

New paperback and eBook editions of Bird of Passage, The Amber Heart and Ice Dancing, are now available, and almost all my fiction is still in print or available in eBook form. You can browse through much of my work on my Amazon Author Page.  I also have a new anthology of various short stories, published over many years, A Bad Year for Trees. 

For the future, I plan to return to writing fiction, with several interesting projects already on the go.

If you are looking for a speaker, please check out my Requesting an Event page for more details.

All content, text and images, on these pages is my copyright. Feel free to share any posts you find interesting, as long as they are credited to me. Content posted here is free - but if you would like to support me, the very best thing you can do is to buy one of my books and - if you enjoy it - give me a brief positive review. 

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