I live with my woodcarver/artist husband, Alan Lees, in a 200 year old country cottage, in the beautiful Scottish lowlands. I write historical and contemporary fiction and non fiction. I'm a keen gardener and I love my work, my house, and my village.

My latest non fiction book, an account of a murder in my Leeds Irish family and its aftermath, A Proper Person to be Detained, was published by Saraband in July 2019. I'm currently working on a new piece of non-fiction, about the Polish side of my family, called The Last Lancer. 

New paperback and eBook editions of Bird of Passage and (a favourite of mine for some reason) Ice Dancing, are now available, and almost all my fiction is still in print, or available in eBook form. You can check out most of my work on my Amazon Author Page.

If you are looking for a speaker, please check out my Requesting an Event page for more details.

Like all of us, Covid has hit us hard, not least in that we haven't seen our dear son, who lives and works in Stockholm, for almost two years. We're lucky that we live in a supportive community, and have a garden. We've worked hard and produced plenty of interesting work over the past couple of years - but there's no use pretending that it has been easy for any of us. Writers and artists can be happily solitary, but not necessarily when that solitude is imposed on us.