Speaking about Jean.
With thanks to South Ayrshire Council and Rozelle House
for lending their portrait of Jean Armour

I give entertaining and professional talks on all aspects of my research and writing.

I undertake a very limited number of  expenses only talks each year to some local not-for-profit organisations such as the SWRI, Burns clubs and small book groups. These are on a first come first served basis and paid events generally take precedence but please don't hesitate to enquire.

For all other events, full travel expenses and accommodation are payable where necessary, in addition to an arranged fee for the event. In many cases, it would be helpful if the host organisation could arrange accommodation in advance since I am unlikely to be familiar with the area.

If you are registered with the Scottish Book Trust, you can invite me under their author scheme. If not, my normal fee for a talk, plus reading and discussion or Q and A, up to a maximum of one and a half hours, is a minimum of £200 per session, plus all travel expenses, subsistence and overnight accommodation if applicable.

Please note that if you would like me to judge a competition as part of my visit, an extra fee will be payable for the time involved. If a competition involves a large number of entries, individual written crits cannot be given, although any extra fee will involve detailed written assessments of the winning entries up to a maximum of six.

I seldom undertake school visits although I’m happy to speak to university or college students.

If you can give me a list of questions, I will also write about my books for your book blog. You are very welcome to reblog some of my posts from here, as long as you ask me in advance and give full credit to my blog.

And finally - in the current climate and beyond, I'm very happy to use Zoom.

For events other than for the Book Trust, if you can’t pay at the time, then please pay on invoice, within 30 days. I can take cheques, or Paypal, or can give you business bank details on request.
Like most writers, I am officially self employed. You should be able to give me a purchase order number or treat me as a service provider to facilitate payment and your accounting. If I have to fill in long forms before the event, an extra fee will be payable to cover the time involved.

If I’m driving to the venue I am usually happy to bring books along to sell and will sign them at the event if requested. If I'm using public transport, this will not be possible.
I’m also delighted to sign any pre-purchased books so don't hesitate to ask people to bring them. If, however, you want to use book sales as a fundraiser for your organisation, books must be purchased from my publisher and their distributor, who should be contacted in advance. If you are organising a conference or festival you may find it easier to partner with a local bookshop to do the ordering for you.

You can contact me through my main publisher, Saraband. I’m on the Society of Authors website and - if you're based in Scotland - on the Book Trust website, here. You can also contact me through this blog, through my Facebook author page, or @czerkawska on Twitter.

In normal times, I do a number of events throughout the year, and I’m usually well organised, but it helps if you can ask me some months in advance and then contact me again, a few weeks before, to remind me of the details. Give me a mobile number in case of problems, details of venue, likely audience numbers and general format of the evening.