What's in a Name?

My husband has just thrown the cat among the proverbial pigeons, by telling me that he doesn't like the title 'Corncrake'. So I've spent a wildly unproductive night trying to come up with a better name for the novel. Choices so far are The Corncrake, the Tattie Howker (intriguing, but does anyone outside Scotland know what a tattie howker is - and wouldn't that be a bit offputting?) and the Bonnie Irish Boy. Which I kind of like, but feel that it does suggest a different sort of book. And finally, The Summer Visitor or The Incomer. Both of which I also kind of like. All opinions about possible title, on the strength of the first four chapters below will be gratefully received!


lavenderlass said…
I like The Corncrake Catherine, especially if it's a migratory bird, I don't know if it is. I also like The Summer Visitor or The Incomer. Is the rest of the book about the same chap? Because that could have an impact on it's name.
As well as Thomas Hardy & Wuthering Heights I also think it's like Crowdie and Cream.
I think the writing is fantastic, I don't think you could improve on it. I can't wait to hear it's progress. Will you send it to a publisher who prints books with a Scottish flavour or a national one?
Yes the Corncrake is a summer visitor - and quite a mysterious one - and the rest of the book does feature Darragh (and Ceit of course) quite extensively, so I find myself inclining towards The Summer Visitor as well. So glad you enjoyed the extract. It has been rejected by several Scottish publishers - a very macho bunch, who don't seem to like the fact that it is a love story, woe's me! But I will try elsewhere.
lavenderlass said…
I'm really suprised that it's been rejected, it can only be as you say because of the subject matter, the writing is wonderful.
I'm sure there must be a publisher who'd love to have it, as I am itching to read it!
Good to know about Corncrakes, I keep meaning to learn more about birds, though I don't suppose we have Corncrakes as far south as the Cotswolds, where I live.
Leena said…
I like The Corncrake best of these. It works on so many levels, and seems to unite the different layers of the story: the migratory aspect, the Scottish countryside, etc...

The Tattie Howker has a bit too humorous a feel to it, considering that it isn't a humorous novel.

The Summer Visitor is a beautiful and appropriate title, too, but somehow it doesn't strike me as instantly memorable and intriguing the way that The Corncrake does. So the latter gets my vote!
Thanks Leena - it's so helpful to get another perspective on these things. I will leave it as The Corncrake, at the moment - and see what develops!
Anonymous said…
Catherine, I like Corncrake, also like The Outsider - three syllables that say a lot. Also thought what you have here is beautifully written- just georgeous. Fingers/ toes/ eyes and legs crossed that a publisher sees sense soon, Michael