Novels and poems and other things

Having acquired a new PC a few weeks ago, with all the usual attendant miseries, too boring to go into here, I can't say I've done anything much in the intervening period except keep on top of the bread and butter work, write a few poems, and post bits of The Corncrake on here. Today felt like the first day of spring - warm, sunny, balmy. Can't help but feel that - as they say in Scotland - we'll pay for it - but it was nice to see that big yellow thing in the sky whose name I have forgotten. Rather like when the Isle of Arran emerges from the mists after days of invisibility and you think 'oh yes - there's an island out there, isn't there?'
All of which is to say that I am faffing about trying to decide what to work on next. I am in the position of having begun two different novels, one called The Physic Garden and one called The Marigold Child. Both of them are on my mind rather because one is slightly more 'literary' than the other but both are historical. On the other hand, I had a sudden revelation about the slightly less literary book, and have altered my approach to it quite drastically, which might, I suppose, make it a little more literary as well - although it's still a damn good story, even if I do say so myself.
At the moment, I am using one as displacement activity for the other. Not a good idea, but something that many writers will be familiar with. I must take a decision, take the plunge and decide to go with one or the other. My plan is to draft one of them out completely, and then turn my attention to the other one while I am leaving the first one to lie fallow. By the summer, I should have drafts of two new novels. That's the idea anyway. By the end of the year I should have revised drafts of two new novels. You will notice that there is no mention of plays in here. That's because I have given up on them and decided to use that creative energy, all those voices, in poems. Every play I wrote, latterly, wanted to be a poem. Nobody wanted the plays. But oddly enough, they do seem to want the poems. Better to go with the flow for now.

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