On Cleanliness

The author, back in the fifties. I look quite clean. 
We have been without a shower for three weeks and counting. (Mega building work in the bathroom) It has taken me right back to the fifties in industrial Yorkshire, when you had a bath every week (whether you needed it or not) and a lick and a promise at the sink for the rest of the week. I don't remember that we felt either dirty or smelly, and our clothes were certainly kept very clean, but we have got so used to the daily shower that if we don't have it we begin to feel incredibly downhearted.

God bless our lovely neighbours who have been letting us use theirs. What would we do without our friends?


DawnTreader said…
Cute photo :) And yes our living standard and habits have certainly changed a bit over the years (I was born in the mid 1950s myself).
Becca McCallum said…
Aw, you look adorable! I love your little outfit.

I (shock horror!) only wash my hair once a week, twice if it needs it. And you know what, my hair is fine - my hairdresser even goes wild with excitement every time I turn up for a trim, because my hair is in such good condition. I have been known to skip a shower sometimes if I'm not going anywhere.
MLM247 said…
Your story rang a bell.
I live in a place where many people do not bath or shower. I shower daily. I live in my own home.
Recently I was taken to hospital in an ambulance. I lay in my hospital bed for three days without any way of having any sort of wash whatsoever. I was incredibly dirty and so were my clothes, which I was still wearing. I kept in mind that there are millions of people all over the world with no access to bathing facilities and that helped me get through it. Eventually, a cleaner found me and gave me a towel and a sponge. But an hour later another cleaner came past and removed them. There never was another opportunity to wash myself at all. Eventually I was discharged and found my way home. 30km is a long walk in hot weather in still-filthy clothes.
Do I live in an underdeveloped country? No. I live in Australia in a tropical city with a university.
Louise, that sounds horrifying! My husband was in hospital recently, but he was helped to have a shower at the first opportunity! And on other occasions, when he's been immobile following surgery, he's been given what used to be called a 'bed bath' that at least keeps you feeling fresh and clean!
Becca, I think infrequent washing is good for hair - I know if I can bear to leave mine for a few days (thick, curly) it's a lot less dry. But I have allergies, and if I don't wash the pollen or dust or whatever out of it I feel itchy and uncomfortable!