April Update

Have neglected to post to anything for a while, mainly because the day job in its various forms has intervened. I am getting perilously close to a deadline for a new play, and thought I had better make a start. Cue rabid displacement activity which included housework, gardening, walking, baking pretty Easter cakes, with yellow and green icing and small chocolate eggs on top, very Country Living, etc etc. In spite of all this I seem to have got 12 pages written. Not entirely sure when I did it, or where they came from. This is a two hander for the stage, two male characters, very unusual for me, since I almost always write parts for women. But this is definitely a play about male friendship and definitely a two hander.
As usual, once they begin to talk, I can see the shape of the play emerging - what it's going to be about, and where I want it to go.
Meanwhile, the new novel, which I am into, but not yet on top of, so to speak, is calling to me every more enticingly. But if I get going on that, I know that the play will be put on the back burner. I always work on more than one project at a time, but sometimes the juggling involved is difficult. My own adaptation of my stage play The Price of a Fish Supper goes out on BBC Radio 4 on the 19th April, at 2.15: first radio play for a long long long time for various reasons that I won't go into here, having gone into them ad nauseam elsewhere!