The Price of a Fish Supper

My new radio play The Price of a Fish Supper, is due to be broadcast this coming thursday, 19th April, on BBC Radio 4 FM at 2.15 pm. Actually, it's an adaptation by me, of my own stage play, which is essentially a long monologue - same director (Gerda Stevenson) and same cast, (Paul Morrow) which is absolutely fine by me since they were wonderful the first time around - but also with the creation of a certain atmosphere in sound, which was exactly what I wanted.
If you can't hear the broadcast, there is a 'listen again' facility, for a week after the original broadcast on the BBC's website.
The play is about an ex-fisherman called Rab, and is - in all honesty - a bit grim. But Rab does have his flashes of humour. This is a play that I found myself writing as if it were a poem (don't worry, it isn't in rhyme!) But the line endings mattered, as did the punctuation - and the rhythm of the words - I found myself weaving the whole thing together exactly as I used to work when I was writing poems many years ago. When I started writing plays, I just seemed to give up writing poems. I always suspected that drama and poetry came from the same source, and now I'm pretty sure of it!


Anonymous said…
I absolutely loved "The Price of a Fish Supper". I'm a Scot working in The Congo and this play really took me home. I listened to it using BBC's "listen again" facility. I must have relistened 10 times before the listen again facility expired.

Since then I have looked in vain to procure an audio copy of the play. Anyway all the best for the future. G
Thank-you! Sadly, there are no audio copies of the play - although the original playscript is in print - in an anthology called Scottish Shorts, published by Nick Hern Books. But it isn't quite the same as hearing it, I'm afraid - it was an excellent performance.