The Urban Crow Studies Archaeology

The crow is getting a little serious here. But there you go. He can't be funny all the time. I saw him in town today. He gave me this beady glance, as if to say 'get a move on, you've been neglecting me' which is true. I've been down south. Where I saw very few crows, urban or otherwise, but quite a lot of skeletons, come to think of it.

Somewhere in the city
Archaeologists are uncovering burials.
The crow notes how they gloat
over skeletons, brittle with age,
here a clavicle, and there a skull.

He’s surprised by
their lack of respect in dealing
with the remnants of their fellows,
perplexed by the way time
confounds these humans.

He has seen the frequent
ceremony of interment,
heard them mourning mortality
heard their censure
of his own carrion habits.

Now, watching them scrabble
after a few bones,
he wonders how they can
so casually rob graves
in the name of science.