Resolutions 2010

Made fewer resolutions this year, but ones I might stand a chance of keeping. Mostly to do with writing. Focus. Stop prevaricating. Have a bit more confidence in myself - after all these years, all these plays, all these publications, and quite a lot of awards, I need to have the courage of my own experience. Is this a problem for women, I wonder? It shouldn't be, but maybe it is. Especially in Scotland where male writing is - with one or two notable exceptions - still taken more seriously than female writing. But I have a new agent for the new year and a good many interesting ideas, so - with a little invocation to the publishing angel (after all, it works for parking, so why not publishing?!) - here's hoping for better things in 2010 for all of us. I'm beginning with rehearsals for my new play, The Secret Commonwealth, starting on 18th January.


AeFondKis said…
Hi Catherine, is writing such a struggle for women more than men?
I am an artist who loves to write, in fact I incorporate text into my art...the power and beauty of words are always inspirational to me...have you ever read the Julia Cameron book 'Artist's Way'? It is
a great book for unblocking the creative tubes!
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Don't think that the writing itself is a struggle at all, Linda - and fortunately haven't really experienced writer's block, though I know people who have!I always have far more ideas than the time to be able to write about them - and I spend a lot of time writing - so perhaps I didn't make myself clear. But I do think that women in Scotland still have a hard time making their voices heard. There is - in some quarters - a presumption in favour of the urban male. Of course there are wonderful exceptions. It certainly isn't as acute as it once was. But there is still an element of it.