Happy Valentine's Day to Robert Burns and his wife, 
Jean Armour! 

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Eileen McKoy said…
Dear Catherine:

I saw your entry in Art Detective about the discovery of an early portrait of Jean Armour. This is very thrilling news. And, I am especially excited to learn that your novel "The Jewel" will be published in May. I have signed up with Amazon.com to let me know when it is available and I will also be on the lookout for the paperback of "Bird of Passage".
As a consequence of reading your blog I have ordered "Curiosity Cabinet" and a reproduction of the cookery book used by Jean Armour.

I responded in the same vein of enthusiasm to Art Detective. As I mentioned there the provenance for Jean's portrait and Maria Riddell's would be very interesting to know but does not seem readily available.

I love your blog and look forward to reading more.
With all best wishes,
Eileen McKoy
p.s. Despite the uk email address I live in San Diego and actually corresponded with you some years ago. You mentioned then that you were writing a book on Jean Armour so I am happy to learn that it will soon be available. I wish you would also write one about Maria Riddell, such a fascinating young lady.
Thank-you Eileen - will email you today!It would be nice to know the provenance of the painting - they have a shawl in the museum too that is said to have belonged to Jean. There is a certain amount of interesting provenance with that - but I must admit it's nice to be working on fiction, so that - within the bounds of possibility - I can make things up!