The Price of a Fish Supper - Pass This On!

We need an audience for the Price of a Fish Supper, which is on at the Gilded Balloon, in Edinburgh, until the end of August. Can you help? Even if you aren't actually going to be in Edinburgh, if you know anyone who is already at or is going to The Edinburgh Festival, please pass on the details from the link above. It's a lunchtime show, 12.30 - and it doesn't cost the earth. But if you go, you will see a cracking performance from one of the finest actors working in Scotland today - Paul Morrow.
Our problem with the show is that - well reviewed as it was in its original production in Glasgow - and it was extremely well reviewed - it was a late entry to the Festival Fringe, which means that it isn't in the official fringe literature - and it's now competing with all those shows that are! Word of mouth is our best option - so if you think you can help, simply by passing on these details, please do!


Anonymous said…
Will pass on the info to anyone I can. I might try and get along myself if I can. Sounds good. Is it an hour?
It's under an hour: 45 - 50 minutes, 12.30 (mid-day) at the Gilded Balloon, and we could do with more bums on seats so anything you can do would be fantastic! The solo performance, from Paul Morrow, is truly amazing and it would be good to see Paul get due praise for it. I was there with friends on tuesday, and one of them was genuinely in tears!
Thanks in advance xxx